Bespoke Nutrition2017-07-25T17:57:44+01:00

The definition of Bespoke; made to order. Find out for yourself what you can achieve.

We believe that good nutrition is essential to every lifestyle. Bespoke Nutrition is more than weight loss – it is understanding your body and its reaction to food. It is education on how to fuel yourself correctly. It is creating a healthy relationship with food. Every person, every goal and every one of our plans is different. Each diet is designed around an analysis of your current lifestyle, allowing us to create a plan tailored to your needs, wants and goals – this personalisation means each diet is proven to get results.


What are the benefits of Bespoke Nutrition?2017-07-07T13:03:18+01:00

The most popular result of a Bespoke plan is generally the physical change in a person – weight loss, weight gain or muscle building are some of the most common goals we encounter. Another important element of our plans is to look beyond the physical results. You will also experience:

  • Improved energy
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved mental health
  • Improved gut function
  • Healthier and stronger hair and nails
  • Clearer skin
  • Education on nutrition
  • Increased performance and recovery period
  • Motivation and a team behind you for support
  • A healthier relationship with yourself, your diet and your lifestyle

Your plan will provide you with a balanced diet with the correct vitamins, minerals and macronutrients to correct any issues you might be having with any of the above.

How will my plan be specific to me?2017-07-11T17:15:03+01:00

Upon signing up, you will be asked to keep a food diary and to fill out a thorough questionnaire. This will provide the information needed regarding your goals, training regime, food preferences, intolerances, medical issues, family dynamic, lifestyle and work schedule amongst other factors. Your food diary will give an insight into your current eating patterns and help to identify areas where improvements can be made.

What if my goal isn’t weight loss?2017-07-07T12:24:43+01:00

Not everyone’s is. While physical results are one of our most popular goals – we have also worked with clients who wish to improve other areas of their life such as skin problems, poor sleep, mental health – we will help you reach your goal, whatever it may be.

I like to socialise at weekends. Will I still get results?2017-07-06T17:18:47+01:00

Of course. While results will be determined by how closely a plan is stuck to, we believe in a long term and sustainable approach which incorporates enjoying social occasions while still maintaining your goals. There are several different ways to approach this based on your plan and personal goals which will be determined by yourself and Paul as a team.

I love food. Will I have to eat chicken and rice for 6 weeks?2017-07-11T17:18:15+01:00

Of course not. We all love food and restricting it is what will make a diet unsustainable. Bespoke Nutrition will take into account your food likes, dislikes, intolerances, what you crave the most and when. This will help to design a plan that is not only results driven but will combat moments of weakness and remain satiating too.

Will I have to take supplements?2017-07-11T17:13:06+01:00

Supplements serve only one purpose – to supplement a diet. Paul will always put emphasis and priority on a well-balanced and nutritious eating plan made up of a wide variety of real foods and micro-nutrients. If necessity still lies once the correct nutrition is in place, supplements can be an optional addition to your plan.

I have a family – will I have to make two different dinners every day?2017-07-11T11:37:48+01:00

No. Having a family to cater for is a factor which will be taken into account when your plan is being designed. This will ensure that all foods on the plan can be easily incorporated into a family lifestyle. In fact, your entire family will benefit from the balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat and will become better educated on nutrition as a result.

Will my plan change?2017-07-11T12:06:07+01:00

Foods will be changed throughout the 6 weeks in order to help adherence, maintain progression and to offer a greater variety of nutrients.

Will I be hungry on this plan?2017-07-11T10:50:36+01:00

Hunger is a feeling which should be experienced naturally before any meal. However, Paul will ensure that the feeling is kept to a minimum and you will never feel uncomfortably hungry. We know everybody is different so throughout your first week, he will monitor your hunger, energy levels and digestion closely to see how your body adapts to the plan. If any of these factors are not optimal the plan will be adjusted accordingly.

Will I get a training plan with my diet?2017-07-11T11:21:48+01:00

The beauty of Bespoke Nutrition is that it under the umbrella of Dennehy’s Health and Fitness. Once you are a member of the gym, you will receive a discount on your Bespoke Nutrition package and will have the added benefit of Paul working closely with the Dennehy’s trainers to develop the best gym programme with you and your goals in mind. Our trainers are equipped to work with weight, age, illness, injury and other contributing factors. Choose from a complimentary member’s assessment and gym programme or go the extra mile and sign up to a personal training package where you can train for 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week for 30 or 60 minute sessions, one to one with a trainer.

Will I have to do extra exercise/cardio?2017-07-11T17:19:10+01:00

Not necessarily. There are many clients who have achieved amazing results with no additional exercise at all. However, as your plan progresses, an increase in exercise or ‘cardio’ may be recommended depending on your goal and progression to date. Aside from the positive impact it will have on your health, the extra energy expended will also allow for more energy – or food – on your plan while still progressing towards your goal.

How much support will I have?2017-07-07T12:28:26+01:00

Paul offers a support system second to none. Throughout your 6 week plan you will have 4 face to face assessments. You will have the option to contact Paul with questions at any time and he will check in with you twice weekly to ensure everything is going to plan. A follow up after your 6 weeks is carried out to ensure you are adjusting well and enjoying your new found confidence and knowledge on nutrition. Accountability and support is key.

What happens in my assessment?2017-07-11T17:10:43+01:00

Paul will take measurements, weight and body fat and will explain and discuss with you how to best tackle your plan. Later in your package, the same measurements of progress will be taken and you will discuss how the previous weeks have gone including any changes which are being made.

How do I sign up and when can I start?2018-07-02T09:13:50+01:00

Email Paul at or call on 085-1143850 to get started.

Do you have further questions?2017-07-11T16:47:39+01:00

Contact Paul directly on where he can answer any further queries.