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As golfers we are always looking for ways to increase distance or to improve how we strike the ball. Once these parts of the game improve, we become more consistent golfers. Whatever level you play golf, implementing a bespoke golf specific training program will benefit your aspirations for improvement.

At O’Keeffe Golf Performance, we offer every golfer a golf specific TPI functional movement screening and golf movement assessment. For the golfer who wants even more analysis we are delighted to introduce Ireland’s first gym Trackman 4 Studio in our Blackpool branch. Bring your golf clubs and your gym gear and have our TPI certified professionals in Douglas and Blackpool analyse your physical fitness and your golf technique.

Under the watchful eyes of our certified professionals, a program for you can be planned, designed and monitored which will guarantee results. Getting fitter, faster and stronger will ensure that you will feel better while playing better golf. If it’s improving how you move during your golf swing or if you feel aches and pains during or after golf, then a TPI assessment will provide you with the reasons and causes of the discomfort. Delivering a series of exercises and stretches has worked wonders for many of our clients which has prolonged their enjoyment in the game of golf.


Benefits of a Golf Fitness Program:

  • Improved understanding of the body/golf swing connection
  • Improved overall strength and fitness
  • Higher efficiency in your golf swing
  • Hit the ball further consistently
  • Improvements in ball striking